Empowering // Educating // Entertaining

We produce applied art workshops, interactive art shows, mini-documentaries, socially conscious play workshops, and benefit efforts for performing arts.

What We Do

Connect Artists To Causes

We help local creatives and educators find ways to make their work have a direct social impact.

Build Teams

We assemble creative and technical personnel for the production of plays, films, film festivals, cabarets, and art shows that are socially conscious, empowering, and provocative

Increase Exposure To The Arts

We help local governments and nonprofits find ways to use arts to accomplish their missions.

Red Soul Days

We produce Red Soul Days, a semi-annual pop-up art series that uses music, performing arts, spoken word, and visual art to celebrate local creatives while empowering victims of and raising awareness about sexual assault, interpersonal abuse, and racist and gendered violence. Red Soul Days occurs in spring and fall of every year.

The next series is September 24 – October 1, 2016.

Learn more about Red Soul Days.

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