Pardon our dust! We’ve been doing a lot of expansion and have lots to share with you soon!

CerridwenWorks began as both a brand and a process for a variety of projects in Gainesville, FL, by gathering people and resources to produce creative projects and apply them to important social issues. This new multimedia production agency uses art, film, and theatre to strengthen communities, examine sociocultural phenomena, and effect social change.

We’re a decentralized company that partners with different groups (in Alachua County, although we plan to expand to Orlando, Asheville, and Atlanta) that share elements of our mission and goals. As we are an agency, we primarily facilitate external projects; however, members of our organization can produce their works in-house or through our parent company DreamQuilt. In addition, we leave creative control in the hands of project directors, and we contract with projects, not individuals. This project-oriented, flexible model allows us to provide a versatile outlet and support system for unique projects that may not fit in the traditional production company’s infrastructure.

The namesake is the Celtic deity of creation and education, Cerridwen, who, like all Celtic deities, defies the dichotomous associations of light and dark and champions immersion, interconnection, and emergence over linearity and separation. Elements of light and dark, birth and death, pain and joy, are needed for the act of creation. Moreover, the very illusion of art and its deception to tell the truth has important educational qualities.

Mission and Goals

The mission of CerridwenWorks is to give voice and presence to all artists of all experience levels who seek to find health and happiness through creative expression. We shall accomplish this through the following goals:

Our Objectives:

  • Earn local and state funding to support the development and production of documentaries
  • Produce at least two (2) unique documentary or applied film production per calendar year, and partner with at least six (6) local schools, educational centers, and/or community centers to produce films