forgiveness day posterWe’re pleased to be working with Loving Therapy and Life Coaching, Inc., now a certified nonprofit, for their recovery and wellness efforts! They are producing a special event to facilitate self-discovery and dialogue about forgiveness. Like most CerridwenWorks events, artists participate as a guide for patrons toward empowerment and awareness.

Loving Therapy’s philosophy is that self-forgiveness is the key to recovery from bullying and abuse. In addition, the group uses play therapy techniques and compassionate counseling to promote emotional well-being.

CerridwenWorks appreciates and supports all efforts to use art as a healing exercise, and will have a guest speaker at this event on the role of “Self-Forgiveness and Recovery from Psychopathic Abuse.”

Guest artists include comedian Amy Lawson, puppetry company DolphinWizard Co, and circus troupe S-Connection Aerial Arts.

Loving Therapy is also hosting a petition.

The event is Oct. 17, 2015, 4–8pm, at Market Street Pub.