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The agency consists of a core group of individuals, and will maintain a list of non-staff crew, designers, and actors to be hired for staff projects or contracted out for external projects produced by the agency.


Take a look at our opening and staff needs. If you’re interested in joining the Board or being hired as staff, send a letter of inquiry to admin[at]cerridwenworks[dot]org.

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Current Openings

Stage Manager, February 2016.
Compensation: $50 per diem, 2-3 days
Event Photographer, February 2016
Compensation: $80 per event (show time of 1.5 hours, plus processing)[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”32px”][vc_column_text]

Current Board openings:

  1. The Creative Director
  2. The Managing Director
  3. The Publicity Manager
  4. The Education/Outreach Coordinator

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Staff needed:

  1. the Production Designer
  2. the Wardrobe Supervisor
  3. the Master Carpenter
  4. the Videographer
  5. the Social Media Specialist

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Non-staff crew members include Properties Masters, Builders, and Buyers; Costume Designers and Construction; Sound Producers and Composers; Special VF/X and CGI; Makeup and Hair Design.

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